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Have you heard of the Ludo King dice controller? Anything about getting your desired number in ludo whenever you roll the dice?

Yes, it’s possible to control the dice and get your desired number to capture your opponent’s pawn or reach a station. The Ludo king dice controller is an unofficial application feature that can replace the AI in the ludo king game. A Ludo King dice controller is an innovative program for players to win more easily in the game.

The easy-to-use and smart integration of controllers bring you a totally different gaming experience. Simply, it’s cool!

This controller helps to gain a victory against your opponents and low-level bots. Now, you can share an unlimited amount of goodies you collect with other players and compete against human opponents and surprise your opponents without letting them know what magic you are doing.

Always Win Ludo King with Dice Controller

Imagine playing a Ludo King match and you are in a critical position. Your opponent is chasing your token and you need a “2” to reach the nearest safe zone your opponent has a fair chance of capturing your token. But here comes the twist. You don’t really rely on luck to get that Golden “2”. Instead, you get a ” 2″ for sure to reach the safe zone.

Isn’t it amazing for you and weakening for your opponent? We know it is and you really want to get the ludo dice controller app to beat your competitors.

But the question arises, how to download a dice controller free of cost?

We clearly have a solution for you. Not only the Ludo King controller but other advanced features of the Ludo King Game are also included in our controller Apk for download.

Some advanced features of our Dice Controller APK

Our Ludo King Mod apk also has an exciting God mode and when a player turns that mode ON, it’ll ensure that you’ll win the game. Give it a try and see how your competitors gape about what has been happening in the game.

The modified version of this Famous game has another autopilot feature. Where you don’t have to worry about the strategic part of the game or the next moves. But this feature is a bit risky. Because there is no certainty of winning the game.

Ludo King Mod apk has many advanced features of the game for free including a live chat option, multi-mode gaming experience, unlimited coins hack, etc. Using these advanced features for free is definitely exciting. But what to do with the ads?

Ads-free Mode is here to save you from annoying ads.

How to download the ludo controller app on Android?

If you want to control the dice during your matches and win extra coins and diamonds, we have a dice controller app for your android phone. With this controller, you can get your desired numbers by controlling the dice even on your phone and other than that now you can always get a six in Ludo too.

Yes, you heard it right, it is possible to get a six in Ludo King whenever you need it the most.

We have a special modified Ludo King Mod APK for you to download on your Android devices. Other Mod APK comes with various premium features of Ludo King which you were availing by spending your hard-earned money. Other than a dice controller you can avail coins and diamonds easily to avail yourself of the maximum option for your success in your matches.

And all these premium features are available in our Ludo King Mod APK for Android devices. You can simply download the Mod APK file on your desktop or your Android mobile. Our ludo king Mod APK also has the advanced feature of the ludo king dice controller.

Click here to get a ludo king controller for download.

Learn how to use our Ludo king Dice Controller

Our Ludo King Mod apk comes with an advanced feature of “ludo dice controller”. With that dice controller, you have the option to get your desired defined number but for that, you need to understand how it works. So if you want to roll a six every time in Ludo, you can set 6 as your defined number in the controller settings.

Other than sixes, you can set any other desired number to defeat your opponents.

Click on the download button for both the controller MoD apk and controller app download.

⚠️Safety Concerns are not to worry about

You must have been wondering if downloading this controller APK is safe or not.

But we just want to assure you that we have been helping our fellow gamers with a wonderful and exciting gaming experience. Our game apk and app links are secure to download on any device.

And don’t worry about the safety concerns against viruses. Because we provide only safe and secure products on our site to our valuable customers. We check our links for any potential viruses or scams. So rest assured, it’s 100% safe to download this Ludo King Mod APK from our site.

How to set up a ludo king controller?

How to set up the Ludo king dice controller is another strong query. But the answer is very simple yet tricky. You need to download the above given Mod apk and activate the dice controller option. This way you can add your desired number for using the controller.

Dice controller apk download, iOS and Mac versions available. But before downloading and installing these APK files make sure that your device is not rooted.

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