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Ludo King Free Download For iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 is a mainstream tabletop game. You need to move the dice, move the tokens, and get them to the board place to win.

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Right away, you might discover this title basically the same as Parchessi starting from Pachisi. Nonetheless, the more you play, the more you understand its charms. Each game has its own qualities to investigate. Hence, there’s no justification you to deny this title in case you are genuinely into table games.

Ludo king for Ios
Ludo king mod for Ios

As far as ongoing interaction and rules, Ludo King is essentially equivalent to its archetypes. Indeed, in case you are now acquainted with this game sort, you will see it extremely simple to overcome. It is a rendition with an online multiplayer mode where you go up against different players.

Your main goal is to move the dice to move four counters and get them to the focal point of the board. Since it is a turn-based game, you need to utilize your turns admirably for a high opportunity to beat others. When four counters of yours got to the board place, you will win.

Crucial Features:

Here are on the whole the critical elements of the title that make it more intriguing to play:

  • You can play with your companions or different parts in Local and Online Multiplayer mode.
  • Feel allowed playing against the PC without an Internet association.
  • Challenge from two to six players to epic matches in Local Multiplayer Mode.
  • Private Game Room permits you to welcome and challenge your companions on Facebook.
  •  You can talk with your companions from Facebook through the private visit work.
  • Lots of emoticons you can ship off your companions to put yourself out there to them.
  • You can make a custom symbol for the game.
  • Use your Facebook record or you can sign in as a visitor to play.
  • Make companions with new players.
  • There are 9 contending game spaces for you to play with others in Online Multiplayer Mode.
  • The game likewise has exemplary yet as yet astonishing designs

Do you want to beat the entirety of your adversaries to become Ludo King? Download it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact then, at that point play it to show your abilities. The necessary OS to run the application is iOS 9.0 or above

What’s new?

* Real talk with companions and mates

* Auto move framework (No swindling permitted now!)

* Resume game (Got a call? No concerns!)

* Make mates around the world

* Challenge Facebook companions/mates

* Improved online network

* Save/Load Ludo game alternative

* Player measurements with XP and level up framework

* More easy to use UI

* Support stretched out to low end gadgets

* Bug fixes and enhancements


Ludo King’s most recent stable form is 3.8, delivered on Apr 24, 2020. The application download size is 137.

It is FREE to download and you can download it from App Store. As the application is now delivered, you can purchase straightforwardly from the store.

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