Ludo King rules – how to play like a pro

Do you have questions about how to play Ludo King like a pro player? Look no further for the answers. Ludo King is one of the most popular classic board games played by children and grown-ups. Ludo King is India’s top 10 gaming app that is popular Worldwide. The Ludo King App is a variation of the ludo family games, it involves a board, 4 playing pieces, and a dice.

You should know the main ludo king rules before playing because rules are strictly followed while playing this game. The players who did not follow the ludo king rules were traditionally punished by being made to drink water from the pitcher and other such ways. Ludo King rules are very important. Without knowing the rules you cannot enjoy the game. We’ll show you how to win in Ludo King, along with some tips and tricks on how to play.

Modes of Ludo King

There are several offline and online playing modes in Ludo King. Offline player mode offers to play with a computer. Whereas online player modes offer to play with other players around the Globe. The main playing modes are offline, online single-player mode, one-to-one player mode, multiplayer public, and multiplayer private mode.

For you to have fun mastering the game, here are some important things that you need to know.

A Brief Guide to Ludo King Rules

A quick guide to knowing all ludo king rules, which is necessary to know before entering any ludo king tournament.

Ludo king rules are pretty simple: the emphasis is on fast and strategic movements, with a lot of dice rolling involved. The game expects great strategy and nerves of steel to win. And if you really wish to become a ludo king, you would have to think twice before each move.

Here are some of the rules…

  • The winner is the player who manages to take all four tokens home before his opponents.
  • A token can only start moving on the board when its player rolls a Six.
  • Every time the six is rolled out, that player will get an extra chance to roll the dice for a second time.
  • Tokens move in forward direction with each roll of dice. If a player rolls dice for one, the token moves one step ahead. If players roll the dice for 2, the token moves two steps ahead on board.
  • Players take turns in rolling the dice in the clockwise direction.
  • Every time the token reaches the finish line, the player will get an extra dice roll chance.
  • Token needs to move through every player’s base in order to reach the finish line.
  • There are safe zones in ludo where you can not capture the pawns or tokens of your opponents.
  • You need to capture the pawn of your opponents in order to increase the chances of your victory.
  • No player can enter the final home runs until he or she has captured at least one of their opponents’ tokens.

Ludo rule of 3 sixes

Ludo King has a special “ludo rule of 3 sixes” which is quite interesting. According to the ludo king rules, three consecutive sixes of a player stand null or considered invalid.

  • When a player rolls six for constructive three times, his turn is ruled out. He can not move his token at conservative three sixes.

Ludo rules to kill the token of your opponents

To kill or exterminate the tokens or go off your opponents, you have to follow certain rules.

  • To kill or capture the tokens of your opponents, you need to chase their tokens with yours. And once your token reaches the open spot where your opponent’s token is lying, you’ll capture that token.
  • When you kill or capture the opponent’s token, you get an extra roll of dice and your opponent has to restart its token with a six from his or her base.

Double Goti rules in Ludo

Probably you didn’t know but there are interesting double goti rules in ludo

  • To kill double tokens of your opponents on a single square you need to have double tokens. No player can kill or capture the double gotis of its competitors with a single token or goti.
  • The tokens that have entered the final home runs can not be killed or captured.

Ludo Rules safe zones

There are colorful safe zones across the ludo board. And no token can be captured or exterminated in those safe zones.

  • Each base has two safe zones where no goti can be captured.
  • The final run of each player on its own base is considered a safe zone.

The game is fun and exciting if you know about all the ludo king rules.

Learn all the above points to win. And completely avoid the hassle of downloading ludo rules pdf files and digging them out to learn these basic rules.

Download Ludo King official application from the play store or its modified version in the Ludo King Mod Apk file.

Download here and play now and win more points to get more coins and gifts.

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